FO: Elephant Print Backpack

I finished the sewing project I mentioned in my previous post – a wee backpack for Hobbit. I started with a tutorial for an Owl backpack but ignored the Owl instructions and changed the size a little as well as changing the pockets. The outer fabric is elephant printed cotton and the inside some light grey cotton. I used purple webbing for part of the straps as well as a few other touches. The sides have elasticated pockets – big enough for a water bottle – and the inside a small pocket on one side and a clip on the other (probably destined to be used for spare hair ties in the short term). The lining is quilted with some wadding I have for such purposes – my other choice would have been to use some fleece but the wadding was closer to hand.

Elephant BackpackI had a little trouble with matching the sides to the front and back on the main piece as I’d already attached the pockets before finding out that the sides were longer – I followed directions so suspect the problem was the pattern piece scaled oddly during printing. The result was a couple of tucks down the sides (I didn’t feel like unpicking and re-stitching). I’m otherwise pretty pleased with how it came out. The elephants are about the right size to fit on the front and back but there’s lots of random elephant bits on the sides.

PS: ignore the background in the photos – I haven’t quite worked out where the best place to take photos is in the new house.




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2 responses to “FO: Elephant Print Backpack

  1. The backpack is adorable 🙂 I’ve had the same problem you have with backgrounds in pictures and I found a semi-good solution. I bought a few pieces of white poster board and either lay the to-be-photographed thing on them and shoot from above or stand them up as a mini photo booth. Hope this helps 🙂


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