Working with blue

I have accidentally found myself with 3 blue WiPs, two knitting and one spinning. The current sewing project is luckily not blue (or at least only little bits of blue). I’ve been busy making birthday sweaters for the children who will both have birthdays next week (though Hobbit’s is going to get postponed a couple of days as her Dad will miss it otherwise). Hobbit’s is almost finished and Wee Man’s is probably about halfway or so.

A little Lush

Hobbit is getting a Lush Cardigan of her own. I decided against making an exact match for mine but have got the same buttons (in blue of course). It is size 2-4yrs for her to wear now. Since this picture was taken (and it was taken with the intention of blogging about it immediately but then I didn’t) I’ve finished the body and knitted the two sleeves. I’ve just got the button bands and ends to sew in left.

Blue Pullover

Wee Man’s sweater is made of some yarn my Mum sent him for Christmas. It’s to be a simple raglan pullover based on a Drops pattern. It has a button placket on one raglan sleeve and is worked bottom up. At this stage the body is complete to the armholes and about 3/4’s of one sleeve is done. I need to work the other sleeve and then put it all together to knit the yoke. I’m hoping to have enough yarn but have backup cream coloured sock yarn if I run out on the yoke.

The spinning I don’t have a picture of (the camera is charging so I won’t go and take one) but is some blue silk I bought 4 years ago at Woolfest. It’s only 50g and I was trying to spin more thickly but that is not really happening. The staple is longer than anything I’ve worked with before and overall it’s going to be a bit bobbly so not sure how usable it’ll be. The plan is to do a 2-ply yarn. I’ve been working on it while the kids slowly eat their lunch so I am making consistent if slow progress.

Apparently I signed up with WordPress 5 years ago today – not something I’ve kept track of but nice to know.


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