FO: Looks 1 and 8

After a slight delay because I ran out of red thread (which made me start working on the green one instead) I’ve finished both the coats I was making for the children from Five and Ten Designs Volume 2. I made no changes to the patterns and am pretty happy with the way they came out.

Green Look 1Pattern: Look 1 from Five and Ten Designs Volume 2

Sewn for: Wee Man

Size: 18 months

Fabric: Grass Green Twill and Light Grey Flannel from myfabrics

Thread: Gutermann 239 (green)

Notes: Used green thread throughout even on the lining. 4 25 mm buttons. Didn’t interface the placket. Didn’t do the extra topstitching except on the hood opening.

Red Look 8

Pattern: Look 8 from Five and Ten Designs Volume 2

Sewn for: Hobbit

Size: 4 years

Fabric:  Anti-pilling fleece (Carmine) from myfabrics

Thread: Gutermann 226 (red)

Notes: 4 25 mm buttons. Some problems making the buttonholes on 2 layers of fleece but the fleece won’t fray so think it’s ok. Sleeves are lined with twill scrap fabric in a good colour match I had in stash.




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5 responses to “FO: Looks 1 and 8

  1. These look great! Whenever I read your blog I think ‘I’m totally going to sew clothing from a pattern some day’…but haven’t really gotten any closer to it. Still, I love seeing your finished products because they remind me to try to get past my fear!

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    • Thank you, I’ve not really sewn clothing without a pattern. I’ve also done way more kids clothes than things for me as fit is so much more flexible for them – I’m going to try and do better for me this year.


      • Sewing for you sounds like a good goal for the year! I find it so hard to actually sew clothing (and I mean besides putting a few darts and a button hole to turn a sheet into a wrap skirt) because I cannot stand the pattern tracing, cutting fabric from the pattern part of it. I have a box of half-traced patterns and haven’t gotten past that stage for at least 5 years.
        If I could wave a magic wand and have all the fabric parts cut out for me, I would probably sew from patterns! Do you have any tips on getting through that part of the sewing to make it easier?


    • (This is a reply to your other comment – it won’t let me do it directly)
      I do find the pattern tracing and cutting out the slow part of sewing. I tend to do it in spurts and will cut out pattern pieces when I’m planning sewing – sometimes when I still have other sewing to finish. Often I end up cutting out the pieces when I’m thinking about what fabric to use or am waiting for it to arrive.
      At the moment I have pattern pieces cut out for a top for me but no fabric and I’m planning fabric for a coat so am thinking of cutting out those pattern pieces too.


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