FO: Hoopla

It’s my sister’s birthday today, and she let me know she’s received her present so I can post about it. I made her an earring holder out of an embroidery hoop following the directions on the Homemakery blog. It’s pretty simple but effective and took less time than I’d expected to do the crochet.

HooplaI included a couple of pairs of earrings to show how it was meant to work – I think it’s a little confusing otherwise.

The yarn I used is the recommended from the tutorial – Rico Essentials Cotton DK, a mercerised yarn. I think the colourway is just called purple. The frame is the same as the ones I used in framing my cross stitch pieces last year and has a hanging loop so no need for a ribbon tie. The fabric is some scrap heavy weight calico with purple felt backing. It’s hard to see the lace here but I searched for lace ribbon when I was buying other sewing supplies and picked the one with the most holes.

I’m kind of tempted to make one for me as my current storage doesn’t work so well but I’d need a much bigger frame I think as I keep making myself more earrings (I did do a big sort through before we moved and donated a bunch).


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  1. Kathy

    it _is_ rather full already, especially with the new additions, but it looks lovely on the wall 🙂 thanks sis!

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