FO: Windswept

This was started back in September after finishing my Lush Cardigan. I made good progress on it for a while before putting it down to work on baby blankets in October. I picked it up again after finishing my Fish Socks and finished it the other day. It’s had a wash and a gentle block (it may need a little more but it smooths out when being worn) and now some photos. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out and it’s definitely a pattern I’d recommend (and may be planning on making again).


Pattern: Windswept from Handmade in the UK

Designer: tincanknits

Knitted for: Me

Size: M

Wool used (colourway): New Lanark DK (blueberry) ~ 371g

Needle: 3.75mm throughout

Ravelry Project Link: here

Notes: Crochet provisional cast on. Lost track of where I was in the waist increases so not entirely sure if they are right or not but seems to fit as is which is nice.



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2 responses to “FO: Windswept

  1. It looks really cosy – just what you need for the snow and driving winds you have up there. I love that colour on you, too.

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