Sewn Cardy -5and10designs look 2

Back in October Jess of craftinessisnotoptional starting posting about five and ten designs Volume 2 of coats and jackets patterns. At the time I kind of thought it was a good idea for another time having just acquired a winter coat for Hobbit (Wee Man is wearing hand me downs). Then at US Thanksgiving there was a discount code which made me think again and actually do the currency conversion. I bought it but didn’t then have a printer (we were waiting until we moved) so it sat and waited a while. After Christmas (and moving) I had another look through and decided what I’d like to start with (Look 8 for Hobbit), thought maybe I could make something for Wee Man too (Look 1) and then realised I still had enough knit fabric left from my purple wrap dress to make Look 2 as well.

I printed and traced out the pattern pieces (there’s one set with instructions on how to modify them to get the 10 different looks) then cut out the purple and ordered the fabric for the other two. Hobbit’s coat will be red fleece (her colour choice) and Wee Man’s green twill with grey flannel lining. I don’t have buttons yet.

Sewing Look 2 together was accomplished over two afternoons this week thanks to cooperative children (Hobbit wasn’t so cooperative about have her photo taken). I’ve got my own desk in the dining room now that we’ve moved and so I can leave things set up and the children seem to like roaming around (Wee Man is thrilled to push chairs about). Hobbit picked the button.

Look2Pattern: Look 2, Volume 2, fiveandtendesigns

Sewn for: Hobbit

Size: 4 – she’s coming up 3 so it’s a little baggy and the sleeves are very long on her so I cuffed them for the picture

Fabric: Cotton Interlock from Vend Fabrics in Plum

Thread: Gutermann 257

Notes: did the optional topstitching on the collar. Button is more like 1.5 inch than 1 inch so a bigger buttonhole.




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2 responses to “Sewn Cardy -5and10designs look 2

  1. I love the button choice – Hobbit picked well!


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