Resolutions 2015

I’m trying not to be too specific this year and focus on overall themes rather than individual intentions.

  • Get in better shape
    • eat better (this requires cooking better too)
    • exercise more
  • Craft from what I have
    • my current Ravelry queue before adding new things
    • my current sewing list
    • using supplies I have before supplies I need to buy
  • Be present with the kids
  • Improve my wardrobe and wearing of it
    • make things for me
    • wear my accessories
    • don’t wear the same things all the time
  • Publish a pattern

We’ll see shall we. I’m hoping to give myself (unblogged probably) month to month goals (something I didn’t do last year) this should help me keep on top of things and stop things getting lost in day to day life.


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