It’s the end of the year…

I haven’t thought up resolutions for 2015 yet (though I have a million things on my craft list already) but thought I should give an update on my 2014 goals. I feel like the last few months disappeared on me rather. Things have not been the most calm lately – Husband has been insanely busy at work, the kids have been sick a bunch of times and Wee Man has grown 8 teeth since the end of September. Plus we moved house just before Christmas. No more castle views out the window but we had a spectacular sunrise this morning:

Sunrise New Year's Eve 2014So 2014 goals.

Clearing out some of the yarn and fabric stash went ok, I did get rid of a lot of leftover bits and old yarn but I don’t think I really made a difference in the amount in total as I seem to have acquired a lot as well (including some today!). I do feel better about what is there as it’s mostly project assigned yarn. I do have a substantial amount of lace-weight that could do with knitting up.

I have been using patterns I’ve got, some are still in queue, I’ve also been designing a bit for myself. I did buy some new patterns both sewing and knitting – I think they are more than one off patterns though so don’t feel to badly about the additions to my library.

I didn’t get to knitting 14 things for me – made it to 12.5 though which is better than it could have been. I have a number of plans for me for the new year and hope to do 15 for me this year. I also have some more sewing plans but have some things to do for the kids birthdays before I can get started on those.

Cross stitch – 3 completed, one in progress that’s a gift for later in the year. My longest running WiP is barely touched though.

Wearing things other than jeans and t-shirts is still a bit of a fail. I’ve been working on it and did ok in the summer but not so much in the last few months. The same is true for getting in better shape. I’m hopeful that this will improve in 2015 as we are a bit further away from things and won’t have access to the car during the week.

Cook more from scratch has been a win. This has definitely been achieved and I hope to get more adventurous in 2015.

Hobbit activities was going well in the first half of the year, like a lot of things it slipped over the last few months. I hoping once we get settled in properly we’ll be able to pick this up again.

Try something new – I didn’t do much but I did give lino-cutting and stamp making a go. Maybe I can do more of this next year.

Design something and write up the pattern. I did multiple things, wrote up multiple patterns but haven’t taken the next steps towards actually publishing them. I’ve got more ideas too so hope to make some progress in 2015.

Well that actually wasn’t as bad as I thought even if most of the progress was made in the first half of the year. I’ll have to think about my goals for next year before I make a commitment but there should be a post about those soon.




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