I made a bag…

I’ve been finding the bag I use most often a bit big for some purposes (and a bit small for others) and none of the other bags I have were quite right either so I set about making one that would be what I wanted. I wanted a cross-body strap that was adjustable, room for a drink bottle as well as other bits and room for my kindle too. I used some techniques from the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam (that’s the book I used for making the Great Getaway Bag) and feel like it cam out all right. The only thing I would change is to make the slip pocket inside a bit taller as it doesn’t work very well for containing things. It has come out pretty much the perfect size which is nice.

Star BagI used leftover material from Hobbit’s star dress for the outer and leftover material from my rainbow quilt for the lining. The hardware came from U-Handbag. The strap is detachable so that I can remove the bag if necessary when wearing it under a baby. I didn’t interface any of the pieces as I wanted it to be squash-able. The pieces I cut were about 9″ by 9″ for the body with a gusset of 2 and a bit. There are other bag plans in my future but I’ve still to work out what there actual purpose will be before I get started.


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