He learnt to remove his hat…

Wee Man has recently learnt to remove his hat and takes great glee in showing off his prowess. Unfortunately he is yet to learn how to put it back on and as a consequence it comes off on a regular basis (though he did spend one trip out pulling it down over his eyes every time I pushed it back up). When he’s riding in the stroller this is not a big deal as I can put it back on him as necessary and he has the snuggly sleeping bag part around his head to help keep him warm, if he’s riding on my back in the Mei Tai it’s pretty impossible to return it to his head and Hobbit is not really able to help. Clearly a new hat was in order (plus I really wanted to finish something as the baby blanket I’m working on is going really slowly).

I used the leftover yarn from my Watercourse Cardigan – it used a full ball for the hat portion and then another 5g for the plaited ties. I’ve used this pattern before – knitting it for Hobbit at about the same time of year. That hat is still in circulation but it ended up too big for this winter and she wore it the next one so it’s currently too big for Wee Man. I finished the hat in two days though I was knitting at a looser gauge than intended by the pattern (using a thicker yarn and making a size smaller than I would have at gauge). He’s not too impressed that he can’t get it off.

Chullo Hat for Wee Man

Pattern: BABEE CHULLO (Baby Earflap Hat)
Designer: Bobbi Padgett

Knitted for: Wee Man

Yarn used (colourway): Drops Nepal (6790 – Blue) ~ 55g
Notes: Made size S as working with 22stitches per 4″, good fit.
Ravelry Project Link: here


(I finished my Loch hat too but haven’t managed to get any photos yet – it fits me though so I get to keep it. Have yet to weigh the leftovers to see if I can make mittens.)

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