Failing at taking photos…

Failing at taking photos and apparently posting about it too. Or maybe I did and just can’t find the post.

A while back I made Hobbit a couple of pairs of pyjama pants out of old pairs of Husbands that had ripped. She’s not started wearing them yet but is getting close to growing out of her current onesie style ones. I haven’t worked out what to do for tops though. I made a third pair this last week out of leftover fabric from the wrap dress I made last month (also unphotographed and unblogged). The pattern is simple with an elastic waist. The first two pairs a flannel material and this last pair is black interlock jersey. I used New Look 6641 in size 3 and plan to use it again for larger sizes as she grows. The pattern also includes a nightie and a couple of different top options (I’d need to work out fabric if I want to do those though there is still black interlock leftover).

The wrap dress I made is as yet unworn – my current excuse is that I need to break in my new shoes, but first it was not having shoes or tights to go with it. One day I shall get brave enough to wear it out of the house and not feel overdressed. I made option B of New Look 6674 but lengthened the sleeves to elbow length. It’s made using cotton interlock jersey in black and I have material to make another one in plum (I have to find time to cut it out without children crawling on it). I like it but think I should go down a size for the next version, I’m not sure if it’s the sizing or the material that’s making it a bit big. It definitely fits better straight out of the dryer so will have to see how it grows through a days wear. The reason I have so much material leftover is I had to buy in whole metres so bought 3m as the pattern required 2.5m only to find I could cut it out of 2m. It’s useful fabric so I’m not too bothered by having leftovers – it’s the same as what I used in trousers for Wee Man last year.

And finally I tried out a new trousers pattern for Hobbit this week. They’re currently a bit too big (though this could mostly be fixed by shortening the elastic) but otherwise work well, plus she can get them up and down herself. The pattern is the Basic Pocket Pants from Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. This is the book I made her cape from earlier this year. The base fabric is another old pair of Husband’s trousers (and I have more) with trim from leftovers from one of her new dresses. The basic pattern seems to work well for her so I do plan on more pairs – I may need to find some more neutral trim so they can go to Wee Man when he gets bigger but this pair was a test of pattern and sizing so I wasn’t too bothered. And look I have a (bit blurry) photo as she insisted they go on even though they kept falling down for the rest of the day (please excuse Wee Man in the corner – he was trying to get to the camera).

Basic Pocket Pants



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3 responses to “Failing at taking photos…

  1. I love the trim and the pockets on those trousers!


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