She keeps growing…

Hobbit’s been busy growing lately and now all her clothes are starting to get a bit small. This includes the three pinafores I made her last year which she’s been wearing fairly frequently. Luckily the pattern goes up to size 4 so I’m making some new ones in size 3. Fabric arrived yesterday – purple she asked for, butterflies were Husband’s idea, the denim stars are my favourite, the denim pinafore she’s growing out of was the most used, and the other is brown cord.

Pinafore fabric

Each pinafore also needs buttons and bias binding. I’m planning to make the binding (I’ll have to use different fabric for the stars and the cord as I think they’d end up to thick) but have buttons to decide on. Thus far I’m planning the strawberries for the denim, the plain silver ones for the stars and the brown flowers for the cord. The ladybirds may go on the butterflies but I’m still thinking as the green-blue ones are quite a good match to that too. Maybe I’ll let Hobbit decide.

Pinafore buttons



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3 responses to “She keeps growing…

  1. I love your fabric choices – the denim stars are super cute!


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