I listen to a fair few podcasts whilst crafting and holding a sleeping baby these days and thought it was about time I updated my list of them as there are some changes (plus links would be helpful). They’re all craft based in various ways – I should look into finding some different topics too I  think. If I’m not listening to podcasts and there are no tv programs to catch up on (at the moment it’s Great British Bake-Off, Doctor Who and Who Do You Think You Are) I look for movies that I missed seeing at the cinema through our subscription service or I’ve taken  a few Craftsy classes too.

In no particular order these are the current ones I’m listening to:

imake (quiet over the summer but back now) – general craft content as well as Guernsey stuff

Caithness Craft Collective (monthlyish) – general craft content, lots of swaps, Scottish segment

Yarns from the Plain (quiet recently) – mostly knitting and spinning

Shinybees (monthlyish) – a variety of things though craft based

Knit Spin Cake (irregular) – craft and bits of Doctor Who chat

Knit British (monthly) – craft and British Wool

Knit 1 Geek 2 (regular) – craft and various bits of geekdom

Cast On (widely spaced currently) – craft and inspiration

Knitting Samurai plus 1 (video) (frequent) – lots of knitting

Stitched Together (mostly audio but she tried video recently) – knitting and spinning mostly

Electric Sheep (quiet currently) – craft, beards and other inspiration

Stash and Burn (widely spaced currently) – craft and using up stash



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