FO: Interchangeable needle case

I mentioned I was collecting a set of interchangeable needles a while back and now have a few sets. I never did get around to making a case for my circular needles but thought I had better get on to making one for the interchangeables before I lost track of which tips were which. I spent some time looking at what was available and what other people had done before coming up with a plan. I wanted to be able to fit two sets of tips from 3mm to 6.5mm plus a few spaces for larger tips. There needed to be space for the cables as well as a good place to keep the end caps. I decided in the interests of keeping all my needles (well the regularly used ones) together that I should make spaces for the 2.25-2.75mm circular needles too.

Needle Case plan

This sketch is actually a fairly good representation of the layout. I didn’t in the end use elastic across the pockets but instead sewed the pockets using a zipper foot with the needles inside so that they are precisely the right size. I stitched bias binding across the pockets to give me something to write labels on so I can find the right tips. There is a zip pouch in the centre which is attached via a snap to the main compartment. While I didn’t actually plan it that way it turns out to be big enough to hold the needle roll containing my double points which is handy. I’ve also stored my crochet hooks, needle gauge, a pair of scissors, pen and pad of paper. The only things that aren’t in there are my bigger sized hooks and double point and circular needles. I think I will probably end up with interchangeable tips in some of the larger sizes and I have four pockets available (I used 10mm needles to size them). My double point needle roll only goes up to 5mm at the moment so I’m probably going to consider making a new one to size up to 6.5mm to match the tips. The only thing I bought for making the case was the long zip across the top, the rest cam from stash. You may recognise the fabric from the Mei Tai I made last year and the bias binding is from the portable high chair. In all I’m pretty pleased with how it came out though I do kind of wish I’d used a different fabric for the lining as it’s very dark in there.

Needle Case


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