Little things for a Hobbit

I made the Hobbit rabbit ears the other day. I used felt in a manner similar to the fox mask then attached them to a headband which had lost it’s covering. Unfortunately I didn’t have any matching thread so they’re not the tidiest but they are recognizably (to a 2.5 year old) rabbit ears. The completion involved a lot of hopping around on her behalf.

Rabbit Ears

In the last couple of days I made a pair of wee mitts/armwarmers out of the leftovers from my Rainbow Stripy Socks. They are simple things but she is thrilled to have rainbows. She does try and put them on her legs so not really sure how long they’ll stay in good shape but I made them for fun so that’s OK.

Rainbow Mitts



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2 responses to “Little things for a Hobbit

  1. Love your fingerless gloves


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