Lino Cutting

When I updated on my goals earlier this year I indicated that I didn’t expect to find a something new this year. I had forgotten however that I received a lino cutting starter set for Christmas. The kit (by Speedball) comes with a cutter with 3 blades, a tube of paint, a roller, a paint dish and a single lino block. The lino block is a bit bigger than postcard sized and I was a bit daunted by cutting into it to start with. I did some practice cutting using erasers to make stamps – a hedgehog and a flower. I tried cutting my name too but forgot to reverse the writing so I have a mirror stamp instead.

I eventually had an idea form in my head and sketched it out a couple of times before transferring it to the lino block. Cutting it out was not too bad as a large portion is untouched though I did have a few slips, luckily none had an effect on the picture. I did remember to reverse the image. Painting and printing the block still needs some practice in proper technique as I didn’t really get a print I was totally happy with (no fault of the lino block). I had to make a couple of modifications to the cutting after the first print – the stars were not defined enough and I had a couple of stray bits around the hedgehog. In the image of the print below you can still barely make out the stars and there were a couple of stray crumbs of something on the block before I applied the paint. Still it was fun and I think I’m likely to try some more – lino as well as eraser stamps, maybe something to think about for Christmas cards.

Lino Cutting


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