A rainbow in progress

Way back in January I posted a picture of a rainbow jelly roll partially sewn up into a quilt top and in February I muttered about what I was going to do with it next. Well it sat and it sat and it sat while I mulled things over and added fabric to shopping carts and took it out again. After many calculations and mock-ups and thoughts I finally bought backing and contrast fabric, wadding, quilting thread and quilting needles last week. They arrived on Tuesday and I put them in the wardrobe so I wouldn’t have to think about cutting up the rainbow for a bit longer. I did however put it on my list for the week to at least get the rainbow ironed ready to cut.

Today I got brave and chopped it up and then got enthusiastic and sewed it together with the contrast:

Rainbow Quilt TopAs you can see Hobbit quite likes it too.

I purchased the natural coloured cotton from Cotton Patch and it’s extra wide quilt backing fabric (108″ wide). The rainbow panels were cut to 36cm, the contrast 33cm. It’s about 2m squareish. I’m still debating whether to add a border before quilting otherwise it’ll run straight up to the binding (which’ll be the contrast). I’ve got just enough fabric to do a narrow one I think. At this stage I think I’m going as is but until I baste it (which won’t be for a couple of weeks) I can totally change my mind.

I’m planning to hand quilt as there’s no way it’ll fit in my machine but that means it’ll be ages and ages before it’s done. The thread I’ve picked is a natural coloured cotton and I’ve a whole bunch of wee needles – watch this space.



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4 responses to “A rainbow in progress

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! Come October, it will be a joy to have a reminder to colour and light!


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