Slow growing WiPs

It’s been a wee while since I posted a picture of my scrap blanket but I have been working on it. Diligently completing two squares a week. It’s now 50cm by 50cm (minus one corner square) – definitely a long term project here. There are still lots of scraps to use but I have managed to get through a few leftovers. Each square really does only a use a teeny tiny bit of yarn. The directions suggest a ball the size of a walnut is sufficient and that seems about right for my gauge too (I’m using slightly bigger than suggested needles as I couldn’t find short straights in 3mm).

Sock Blanket

My Lush cardigan has made progress since last week when I just had the lace blocking but I haven’t made as much progress this week as hoped. I hurt the tip of my thumb opening up the stroller a few days ago and it’s in a spot I apparently use whilst knitting. It is less annoying in knitting than purling so I’ve done some knitting but the Lush cardigan is in stockinette and the purl rows have been problematic to say the least. Before I did that I managed to complete the collar and get the arms separated off. The collar is picked up on one side of the lace band and the body the other. There’s waist shaping coming up as soon as I get another couple of inches worked but right now it’s slightly on the boring side – probably a good thing I’ve a deadline to keep.

TinCanKnits Lush Cardigan



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2 responses to “Slow growing WiPs

  1. Lush is just gorgeous – added to my queue!


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