Walking in the neighbourhood

Coming home from the park the other day I took a bunch of photos including some of one of the rabbits we saw – they like to cross the path to investigate the grass before racing back to their warrens in the river bank. The Hobbit gets quite excited to see the rabbits hop hop hopping – I think she’s a bit disappointed that there isn’t a rabbit noise.

Hop little bunny, hop, hop, hop

The suburb we live in is surrounded on three sides by a loop of the river. The river is tidal as we are relatively close to the sea and also quite variable due to rain levels. The odd colouring in this shot is residue from the high water. The tidal nature and loopiness of the river meant it took quite sometime for us to work out which way was downstream when we first moved here. This must have been a time between tides as the river was perfectly still.

River reflections

Shortly after the above photo was taken a rower came along and disturbed the reflections and you can see the ripples in the below shot. He must have turned around pretty immediately after as he came back the other way (I paused so I wouldn’t get him in my photo which is when we saw the rabbit). The land across the river is mostly farms and you can see they took advantage of the weather to make hay.

Monument and Fields

The path by the river (which makes it’s way around most of the loop) is a favourite of ours, it’s also a favourite of dog walkers too which is exciting for the Hobbit. They’ve just recently put up informational signs about the the history of the area and what still exists today. The trees form a lovely avenue – for a short period in the spring they are covered in pink blossom and the path gets covered too. In this shot we are coming up to the point where the path cuts across a narrow neck of land to rejoin the river on the other side. The area of land contained in the loop is farmed (occasionally we see sheep trucks going past our place) and also contains the Lawn Bowls Club. Bowling seems to be a big thing in our suburb as we have the Ten Pin Bowls, Indoor Bowls and the Lawn Bowls all in a small area.

Down by the river bend

Past the narrow neck takes us around the corner and back into sight of the castle. The Rugby Club is on the far side of the river and the Rowing Club is coming up a bit further along. We’re lucky enough to see the castle out our window every day (well except when there’s really low cloud). It sits up on a volcanic crag and the city sprawls out below. You can see the river is still again here, that’s because we cut across a loop of the river and the rower is still making is way around. He caught up with us again a little further along.

Back around the bend

There is a lot of greenery down by the river but also a number of flowers. In particular there are masses of Willowherb all over the place (and yes my Mum helped identify what it was – I am not really a plant person). It’s a lovely colour and quite brightens the surroundings up.


In less pretty making fashion, the moles have a love of digging holes in the grass areas by the river. There are always molehills about even in the depths of winter. You never quite know where they’re going to dig next.

Mole Hills



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