Playing with Wire

So part of the stash I’m trying to work through is various bits of wire, beads and findings. I hadn’t done much with them for a long time as the box is up high in the wardrobe and always feels like such an effort to get down. As it’s out of sight I also have no idea what’s in there for the most part. A month or so ago I made a new list of things to accomplish every week and added Jewellery to the list. This has meant that I do something each week and as most of the things I do don’t take very long I’ve been producing a fair amount and it’s all coming from stashed supplies (not that it seems to be making much of a dent). I’m really going to have to start wearing earrings more often again or find more people to gift them too.

Wirework Experiments

These were all inspired by various projects found via pinterest and were a good way to experiment with different ideas. Also good practise for taking close up photos. Top right and second from the bottom on the left are amethyst beads, middle left is coloured jade, middle right is glass pearls and the wire on all but the shawl pin is 20 gauge plated wire. The shawl pin is aluminium wire, 12 gauge (2mm).



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2 responses to “Playing with Wire

  1. All of your jewelry is beautiful! I have to stash bust my jewelry supplies too…


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