The new name

You might have noticed that I changed the name and url of my blog. I’ve been thinking for quite a long time about changing the name to something that felt a bit more me. The original name was thought up when I first started blogging and it was a bit of a spur of the moment alliteration. I was never completely happy with it but didn’t have anything better nor did I have a real reason for needing something better. I’ve been doing a bit of designing and I’m working on writing some of them up with a view to publishing  them at some point but didn’t want to publish without coming up with a name I was happy with. It finally came to me yesterday and after mulling it over overnight I checked availability and made the plunge today. I think everything should have transferred correctly but I’ll have to wait a bit to know for sure.

My parents started me on collected hedgehogs when I was finishing up high school and I’ve ended up with quite a few over the years. The little grey one in question is a wee wooden one my Dad sent me when I first left home.

KidsJul14 586-002I’ve used him to make a template for the header – though it needs some tidying up still – and as my site logo too.



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6 responses to “The new name

  1. I can see your hedgehog photo in this post but the older photos from your previous blog are not showing up for me. They have a blue question mark in the middle. I’m using an ipad, the same device I have used to read your other blog. Hope that helps!


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