FO: WWWWW1 earmuff

I’ve been working on this as a part of Chrissy’s (of Stitched Together) Where I live Craft along. The idea of the craft along is to make something inspired by where you live.The Craft Along started at the end of June (28th) and is running until the end of August. I’ve finished early because I’m planning on joining another Knit Along starting this weekend which will be much harder to get finished in time as it’s a cardigan for me.

I’ve been trying to use patterns I already have as well as using up stash and had put this combination of stash and pattern together (as a thought rather than a plan) back when I was sorting stash earlier this year. It seemed too Scottish a combination not to use it as part of the Craft Along even though it was well down on thoughts of things to make any time soon. The yarn is leftover bits of JC Rennie Miniballs from Wee County Yarns that I was given to help swatch combinations when the idea of miniballs was being tested early last year. They’re only 10 grams each but the yarn goes a really long way as I’ve also made a big swatch of different stranded patterns and a camera case and I’ve still got bits leftover. The lining yarn is leftovers from my Annis Shawl which has been my Ravelry avatar for ages and ages. It used pretty much all of that so I can get it off my stash listing.

The earmuff is going to be nice and snuggly and warm and is a good snug fit – probably a good thing I went down a needle size even if it was because I didn’t have the right length in 3.25mm. The lining worked up super fast as it’s stockinette in the round and doesn’t take much concentration, the stranded stuff took a lot longer and only got finished because I had a self imposed deadline and stopped working on anything else to get it done.

Pattern: wwwww#1

Designer: Kate Davies

Knitted for: Me

Wool used (colourway): JC Rennie miniballs (black 009, water jade, iris 1434, oxford 050, and silver 020) and Ba T’at Yarns Laceweight Yarn (Wisteria)

Needle: 3mm and 3.25mm

Ravelry Project Link: here

Notes: Used a smaller needle (3mm) for the body as I didn’t have a 3.25mm in the right length (though I do now I’ve finished it.), consequently used 3.25mm for the i-cord instead of 3.5mm to keep the difference between needles the same.

Minor mods: used black for both the edging and contrast 2 (the border bit) instead of using the iris for the edging – I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough to do the main design and the edging (I did only have a partial ball and a full ball would be fine). Didn’t pick up stitches in the purl bumps for the second i-cord; instead I picked up the purl bump onto the passive needle before slipping the stitches back each time (again I was getting low on yarn though it turned out I would have had enough). It doesn’t appear much different from the other edge – certainly invisible without close examination.


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