FO: Fleece Hoody

In the interests of using up stash fabric I decided to see if I had enough leftovers from the fleece overalls I made from the same pattern to make a small hoody for Wee Man. While most of the clothes we had for Hobbit as a baby work for Wee Man there are some gaps in part because he’s a boy and in part because he’s out and about a lot more than I was with Hobbit at this age. It also turns out that although he’s about the same length as Hobbit was he’s not so chubby as she was, so they’re not always fitting clothes the same. Hopefully this will fill a gap and be nice and snugly.

Pattern: Fleece Hoody (Simplicity 5316)

Sewn for: Wee Man

Fabric: Black fleece 300gsm

Size: 6 month

Thread: Gutermann 000 (black)

Any problems/changes: Used two different colours of bias binding as I didn’t have enough of the black. Skipped some of the turning under and finishing of hems as the fleece won’t fray. 7″ open ended zippers are hard to find but found one online in the end. Skipped putting elastic in the cuffs but could go back and do that at a later date.


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