It’s the middle of the year

Somehow it’s the end of June already and the Wee Man will be 5 months old tomorrow.

Back in January this was my list of goals:

  1. Clear out some stash (fabric and yarn),
  2. Make use patterns of I’ve already got,
  3. Make things for me,
  4. Make some progress on my cross stitches,
  5. Work on wearing things other than jeans and t-shirts,
  6. Get in a bit better shape (not being pregnant should help :))
  7. Cook more from scratch (this will be a later in the year plan really),
  8. Do more on purpose activities with Hobbit,
  9. Try something new,
  10. Design something and write up the pattern

1. This is going well as I’ve been thinking through what I can use stash for and clearing some out. Most recently I’ve used up a bunch of knit fabric making the Hobbit 3 new dresses and I’ve just cut out fleece for a hoodie for Wee Man. I’ve a bit more yarn to get through including about 4 kilometres of laceweight which I really should get on too. I also need to get working on some spinning if I’m going to clear any of the fibre stash.

2. This is sort of happening, there are a few things in my queue from patterns I have already and I’ve been trying to look in my Ravelry library before I pick out patterns there.

3. And this is a bit in conjunction with 2. I’m not really doing so well with this unless you count making socks and hats. I was hoping to get more self made garments into my wardrobe this year but I’m finding it hard to think about making things for me.

4. I’d say this is accomplished as I’ve finished one WiP, completed two from scratch and have made a wee bit of progress on my oldest and most time consuming one.

5 & 6. As in 3. this is not going great though the warmer summer weather has meant skirts a few times. Nursing is complicating both these goals but I’m trying.

7. I’ve definitely been cooking more from scratch. It makes me happy two and I’m finding some good repeatable recipes.

8. Hobbit’s of a age now when she can do crafty things a little bit, play with play dough and do lots of drawing and painting. We try and experiment with something a bit different once a week. We were gifted 50 things to do with your 3 year old for Christmas and I’ve just started pulling a card out each week to give me ideas. She’s a bit young for some things but others are perfect – this weeks was build a den so she’s got a house in the living room at the moment.

9. Unless having 2 children instead of one counts this one hasn’t happened and I’m not really sure if it will.

10. I’ve got lots of design ideas floating around but have actually worked up any of them. It’s definitely on the agenda as I’ve added it to my weekly to do list.


I think I need to put a bit more effort into some of the goals in the next few months to gather some momentum but overall I think this year has been going better than expected. My goals are always a bit of a wishlist and often get modified or downgraded as time passes but these seem to be sticking which is good.


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