Busy bag swap and other activities

About a month ago I posted about the busy bag swap I was taking part in. Since then we’ve al received all our parcels and it seems to have been a successful swap. Hobbit was swapping with 3 other 2 year olds all of which were in North America – the group I’m part of is international but has a heavy percentage of American and Canadian members.

We received a dyed pasta stringing kit, lacing cards (well foam shapes) and butterfly pegs. I think the butterflies are her favourite though she does like to fold them in half rather than just adding the bodies to them. The pasta stringing needs more supervision than the others or she ends up with pasta everywhere, there are four different colours though and lots of different shapes. The lacing cards get used but she doesn’t really do more than put the cords through the holes randomly. She’s been having fun though.

The other two pictures are two activities she’s been enjoying at the moment. The rainbow is made of felt leftover from the button snakes (and I placed the rainbow in that photo as hers are rather all over the place) and was an idea from here. I think she’d like the plate and food one too. In the final picture she’s been doing some marble painting. Paper inside bowl, paint on marble or paper, shake the bowl and success. She thinks it’s great fun and I could see using the  paper as wrapping paper – maybe we’ll try it in Christmas colours later in the year.


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