I normally keep multiple knitting/crochet projects on the go at the same time to cover different types of crafting time. With the return of baby sleeping in my lap I got sick of not always having the option of pulling out my notion bag when I needed scissors, or a needle, or tape measure etc. and decided it was time to acquire a few more notions so I could keep a set with each WiP. The result is I now have 4 tins (and a large number of mints) with the things I need most often. I do still need a couple more tape measures and  possibly a containment solution for the stitch markers. Each tin contains a pencil (I cut down some bigger ones), a small post it note pad, stitch markers (2 sets at least), 2 nappy pins to use for stitch holders, a needle for sewing up, a pair of scissors (these are straight nail scissors bought cheaply), and of course a tape measure. It’s working well, the only thing I’ve thought would be good is a needle gauge but I don’t often need one so haven’t looked for a solution for that yet.



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