Playing dress up

Hobbit’s imagination has exploded recently and she’s quite the fan of imaging scenarios – they most frequently involve sleeping or eating. I’ve started to build up a wee stash of dress up accessories. She received a fairy skirt (tulle layers with bells) for Christmas and I made her a pirate hat earlier this year. Also in her possession are a lion hat and a plastic sword, both previously her father’s. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve knit her a crown, sewn a cape and concocted a wand.

The crown is made from scrap yarn (green as I didn’t have yellow) and from the Circlet pattern by Dani Sunshine. It’s knit sideways so it’s easy to adjust the size as you go and is garter stitch so reversible and stretchy. I used approximately 13 grams of DK yarn and it’s stretchy enough it should fit her for a while and was a quick enough knit that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t last. I do wonder if putting beads on the bobbles would be fun for a future version.

The wand is improvised from a 9mm dowel, 2mm aluminium wire, a couple of beads and various lengths of ribbon. I cut the dowel to size then sanded it smoothish. I wrapped the wire by hand (it’s super soft) a few inches up the dowel then made a loop at the top and wound the wire back down. I threaded the beads on the wire before starting winding as I was working from the spool and just moved them up the wire when I reached a good position. They are large bore beads and so rattle a little as the wand is moved. Before knotting the ribbon lengths onto the loop I gave the whole thing a good bash with the hammer to settle the loops into place and harden the loop a bit. It seems to be working out ok at the moment even if Hobbit prefers to use it to clean or tickle her baby brother rather than do magic.

Dress upThe cape pattern is from Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. It’s a half circle or maybe a little more and fully reversible. It’s short enough that she doesn’t have any trouble moving around in it but still has a satisfying swish. The pattern has two sizes, one for preschoolers and one for older children but the main difference is just in the length. The book comes with full size pattern pieces to trace – always a good thing when you don’t have a printer or photo copier handy, and very clear directions too. There are a number of other things in the book I’d like to make and I can see myself pulling out the book for years to come.



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4 responses to “Playing dress up

  1. riotflower

    I used to work with very young children and I love the age when they begin to actively use their imagination!


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