Busy bag swap: button snakes

I’m taking part in a busy bag swap on a parenting forum at the moment. A busy bag is a small contained activity designed to amuse a child for periods of time. We’ve been split in to groups based on age and are each making four copies of an activity to send to each other and will end up with four different activities. In theory it’s easier to make multiple copies of the same activities than several different ones plus you get the fun of surprise mail.

I’ve made button snakes for my activity. These are ribbons with a button attached to one end and felt squares with ‘button holes’ to button on to the snake. I went slightly overboard on squares and each snake has 90 in 15 different colours. This was the result of buying a multi pack of felt. I made the addition of a buckle and snap on the other end of the ribbon rather than a knot in order to make it easy to remove the squares for restarting. Because I’m a little crazy I made drawstring bags out of scrap fabric to put them in too.

I’ve a little idea of what we’ll be getting in return but will be excited to see what comes in the post and how Hobbit enjoys some new activities.



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