A new dress for dolly

I’ve had my sewing machine out in order to work on tops for me. While the pattern is not excessively complicated it’s rather more complicated than I’m inclined to work on at the moment. After failing to actually use my sewing machine for several days I decided to put the tops on hold for a bit and put it away for a bit. Before I did so though I sewed a couple of quick little projects, the second will be discussed in a later post as it’s only part of the project and the first was a new dress for dolly.

Hobbit received dolly for her 2nd birthday back in February and she’s been well loved. I’d always intended to make dolly more clothes and so took advantage of a happy wee man and a cooperative Hobbit to put this together. It’s made of fabric from a dress I made Hobbit – she was most excited that they could match (I shall have to get a photo of them matching). I made a few modifications to the order of sewing – first the shoulders, then hemmed the armholes, applied bias binding to the neck (I didn’t have enough to do the armholes too), sewed the back seam, top stitched the back seam, sewed the sides and then hemmed it. I forgot to make it longer when I cut out the fabric though I think the hem must be not so deep as it seems to sit a little longer. Must remember to lengthen the next one.



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