WiPs again…

Since finishing my super stripy socks I’ve had two projects (plus my blanket) on the go. I’d started the Heather Hoodie Vest earlier this year but basically made no progress much at all. Given that it’s chunky yarn on 6mm needles it should really be moving a little faster! It does have two cable panels running down the sides at both front and back and this is what is slowing me down as I have to keep checking the chart. I’ve made it about 2/3rds of the way up the back now and I’ve hoping that I’ll get that and part of the fronts done by the end of the month. The photos below don’t quite show the colour accurately it’s a bit bluer really and a nice soft yarn (Rico Eco Tinto).


The other project is another Binic sweater this time for Oscar once he grows a bit. The body is almost finished and then just the sleeves after that. I’m using slightly smaller needles for the ribbing this time (and remembered to change to them for the ribbing on the yoke too) and some sock yarn I bought for colourwork socks and then decided that it wasn’t going to knit up solid enough (it looked more blended online). This does mean I now need more sock yarn for those socks (I have the other variegated colour already) but I’m determined to finish Binic and get onto the fronts (hopefully further) before I buy more yarn but I’m aiming for the end of the month.




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