Goals progress …

I had meant to write this post a month ago but it seems that life (and babies) got in the way and I haven’t found the oomph to work on it until now. The wee man is 3 months old now and I’m finding a bit more time in my days now that he’s happy to entertain himself (with sucking on his hands) for short periods of time.

While some goals haven’t exactly been touched so far, I’ve been making good progress on clearing out some of my stash (yarn mostly). I sorted through the whole lot and found I had a huge amount of fingering scraps from socks and other projects which is why I’ve been working on the sock yarn blanket. I don’t really seem to have made a dent yet but it’s made a bit of mental space having it all set aside rather than jumbled in together. I’ve still 8 things in my queue from the beginning of the year ( 1 project on the go) plus I might have added a few kids sweaters in too. I did add to my stash by buying yarn for 2 of the 3 projects that didn’t have it so I shall have to work up at least one of those before buying any more for newer projects.

I’ve only just touched my sewing machine since January, fixing one little project and getting started on making a top for me. I’d cut the fabric for this one and another of a different colour a while back but hadn’t actually stitched anything together. I suspect sewing will move a bit slower (I can’t sew and hold a sleeping baby) but if I can keep making little bits of progress it will happen eventually. I’ve still to decide on how I want the rainbow quilt to look so although all the strips are sewn together the top itself isn’t complete.

Hobbit and I have been doing more crafts together – she’s got the hang of sticking things down. She’s also quite keen on painting but we have to pick our timing carefully for that as she still needs a lot of supervision or we get paint everywhere.

I’ve also been managing to cook more from scratch. Over the last couple of years I’d been relying a bit more than I’d like on spice mixes and jars of things so I’m quite pleased to be using more recipes and getting more variety into the menu plan. I don’t know that I’ll stop using pre-made pasta sauce any time soon though.

Feeling pretty good about how my goals are going at the moment. Whether I keep up the momentum is a different story (especially as there are a bunch of complicated things in my ravelry queue!).


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