Playing with beads

One of the things Hobbit received for her birthday was a number of packets of brightly coloured beads and she likes to do ‘sewing’ with them. She’s using a tapestry needle and has quite a lot of fine threading them on to make necklaces. While she’s doing that she’s quite happy for Mum to play with beads too even though mine involve pliers instead of a needle. I’ve made a bunch more stitch markers in varying sizes as well as a few pairs of earrings and a necklace. I probably won’t end up keeping them all but most of the fun is in the making.

Stitch Markers

I also had a go at making a shawl pin out of some thick aluminium wire and have enough to try out some more too. I’ve plans to make Mum a necklace for her birthday so I’d better get on to that next time I’m playing with beads or it won’t get around the world in time.



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