I might have gotten distracted …

So my socks are in exactly the same state as they were last week. I got distracted by cross stitch of all things. I’ve had three kits floating around for several years (two barely started and the other not at all) but haven’t touched them in a long time. One of my goals for the year was to make some progress on them so I suppose working on them is not completely odd. I’ve been trying to think of a couple of gifts (long term ones) and came across a cross stitch kit for one that was perfect but didn’t think I should start a new kit before I made some progress on the ones I had already. One is now finished and I’ve been making good progress on the other in the pair (the designs are actually sort of a set of 4 but I don’t like the other two in the line). I haven’t done anything about ironing or framing the first yet as I plan to keep them as a pair.

Cross stitchI’ve now purchased the kit I wanted plus another one for another gift and I’ve added a number of other ones to my wish-list. Of course I’ll need to make more progress before I can justify buying another one just for fun.

I’m really quite enjoying it and although I didn’t mean to completely neglect my socks the combination of working on this at nap time and being to tired to want to knit in the evenings they’ve fallen by the wayside.


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