On the go…

I now have a sock and a bit. I think I’m about halfway through the foot before starting the gusset increases. It’s been going a bit slower than the last as I’ve also been working on my sock yarn blanket. I started making a blanket out of my leftover sock yarn (I get about 25 to 35 grams per pair) a long while back but changed my mind over the working of it. I was requiring I work through the whole of the scrap ball before I changed colour and because of the way the pattern worked it was a bit slow going. I’m now using Martine’s (of imake) Patchwork Recipe. It’s worked in squares and I’m joining as I go (in fact I’m making sure to pick up the new square when I finish one). I’ve only got a few squares at the moment but I’m going to aim for 2 a week for the rest of the year to make some progress (and make a dent in the scraps of sock yarn). It’s an easy to memorise pattern and the squares don’t take very long (or very much concentration) so good for little chunks of time when I don’t know how long I’ll get. I’ve not made a colour plan at all but am just pulling out colours as I go.

Socks and Sock Blanket




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