Half a sock

So I finished the Fractal Cowl, and got working on the pair of socks I’d had living in my hospital bag (with the toe of one done). I wasn’t exactly expecting to work on them in labour or anything but wanted them there in case I got stuck in the hospital for most of a week like I did with the Hobbit. In the end they didn’t make it out of the bag but it was great to have the toe already done so I could just work round and round and round for a while. Progress slowed down again over the weekend as I was sick and working the heel but it’s done now and I can go back to going round and round for a while. They’re just a plain pair of socks using Rowan Hand Dye Effects yarn that I picked up on sale sometime last year.

Purple basic socksI haven’t made any further progress on the Heather Hoodie Vest unfortunately because although it’s chunky (and on 6mm needles) it’s also got cables multiple cables across the rows and it’s proving a little bit much for my brain at the moment. Oh well it’ll hopefully get done before summer arrives.


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