WiPs: Quilt, Baby Cardigan, Rainbow Socks

I’ve been working on a few different things in the last week hoping to get things done before Squishy arrives. Given that there’s not sign of Squishy just yet I’ve hopes to get things done.

Sock number one of my rainbow socks is complete (the toe of the second is just started), Squishy’s Sunnyside Cardigan is one sleeve short (and buttons) of being finished, and the rainbow part of the quilt I want to make this year (from the rainbow jelly roll I received for Christmas) is 2/3rds finished (I had to buy more thread before finishing). The Fractal Cowl I cast on last week was put aside for the rainbow socks which have been so much fun I’ve been having to convince myself to work on the cardigan which is far more time sensitive.

WiPs - 2

The bottles you can see in the above picture are glitter bottles for Hobbit. After reading a number of different recipes online I decide to just wing it and see how it went. I’m not worried about them taking a specific time to settle as Hobbit’s not really ready for time outs she just thinks the “sparkies” are pretty. They started out with warm water, glitter, glitter glue and a little confetti glue (it has star glitter in it), shake, shake, shake and then add more water to remove the foam and fill up the bottles. The red one also has some food colouring though I’m not thrilled with how it turned out – it’s much harder to see if the glitter has settled. I’m planning to super glue the lids on once I’m sure they are appropriately “sparky”.


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