2014 Goals

Things I want to accomplish:

Clear out some stash (fabric and yarn),

Make use patterns of I’ve already got,

Make things for me,

Make some progress on my cross stitches,

Work on wearing things other than jeans and t-shirts,

Get in a bit better shape (not being pregnant should help :))

Cook more from scratch (this will be a later in the year plan really),

Do more on purpose activities with Hobbit,

Try something new,

Design something and write up the pattern


I’ve been going through my stash storage and cleared out a bunch of remnants that were too small to do anything with, added all the rest of the yarn to Ravelry, sorted the fabric into clothing size and scrap size (patchwork size) and in general just tidied things up a bit. My Ravelry queue now has 17 things in it (14 of which are for me (including one spinning)) which is promising for accomplishing 14in14 (hopefully 14 for me). Of course there are a couple of large lace shawls in there which might be a little bit of a struggle! I’ve patterns for everything in the queue and yarn for all but three (so I want to get through a bunch of the projects before I actually buy more yarn). I think after I finish the current cardigan and the one in my queue the children should be covered by knitwear for the year. Hobbit may need a new cardigan for next winter but I’m hopeful Roseberry will still fit her. She will most likely need a hat though. There’s also some kids sock yarn in my stash I’d like to actually use it having been sitting there for a year! (This is also why there’s a pair of booties in my queue – I finished one pair bar the buttons over a year ago and the second pair has just been sitting in a ball since, obviously these are going to end up on Squishy’s feet rather than Hobbit’s!)

Sewing wise I’ve fabric and patterns for two tops for me and remnants for three tops for Hobbit. I’d like to make some bibs for the children (Mum and Dad sent us a couple of really nice ones for Christmas and I’d like to replicate them). Husband gave me a rainbow jelly roll for Christmas so I’d like to piece a quilt top from that and I think I’d like to make myself an everyday sort of dress (though I don’t have a pattern yet) in the hopes that I’ll actually wear it. I’ve two books of kids toys and clothes patterns so I’d like to maybe make use of them.

New craft? Maybe crazy but we’ll see how the year goes. I’ve a book and materials for making felted items that my MiL gave me a couple of years ago that I’d like to actually try. Plus it would be clearing out stash 🙂

Squishy’s due in three weeks or so, so we’ll see how well this sticks with two kiddies around.




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