FO: Birthday Doll for a Hobbit

While I originally had a different doll planned for Hobbit it was going to require I figured out patterns for clothes myself or at least hunt down patterns so when I found this book on sale I grabbed it. It has 3 or 4 doll patterns plus a bunch of other toy patterns too. The doll pattern I’m using is specifically for a dress up doll so it also has patterns for a dress, jacket and shoes. The face is embroidered before the doll is sewn together and the hair sewn on after. It was less difficult than I expected at the beginning and less time consuming but I’m still glad I’ve got it finished a month before Hobbit’s birthday. There’s a possibility I will make it another dress but not going to worry about it if I don’t.


The clothes were a bit fiddly as they are so small so I rearranged the order of sewing a bit from the pattern so I could sew the sleeve hems and neck hem on the jacket flat rather than in the round (the sleeves are only a couple of centimetres in diameter). I didn’t plan quite so well on the dress and ended up hand sewing the bias binding around the sleeves and neck. Next time I would sew the shoulders, then the bias binding and then the side seams and hem (and probably also lengthen the dress too as it’s a bit of a mini). The shoes are made of felt and hand sewn with blanket stitch. The knee joints and finger definition are hand sewn as well. It’s been quite fun to do so much hand sewing as I haven’t done much for a long time.


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