2013 roundup

More than 40 knitting and crochet projects and more than 30 sewing projects completed this year. Somehow I don’t think that next year will be quite so productive. I’m carrying 3 works in progress over to next year – not that I’m expecting them to get completed then either as they are all pretty brain intensive.

I’ve completed my modified 13 in 13 over 13 goals just barely (the spinning is spun and half plied and will maybe get all plied before bed tonight but otherwise I’m giving myself leeway to complete that tomorrow as the spinning was the goal rather than the finished skein). I’ve started thinking about 14 in 14 goals but I’m probably going to be a little less specific with them this time round. If things go well I’m aiming for 14 knitted/crocheted projects for me otherwise just 14 FOs. I’ve some sewing goals to think about too.

I’ll do a resolutions/goals post in a few days.

Knitting and Crochet: Basic Socks, Jumbleberry Socks, Tri-peak hat, Baby Owl, Temperance Socks, Orange Tri-peak hat, Starless Southern Sky, Olympic Forest Baby Blanket, Hat Shaped Hat, Amiguitas, Wicked Eyelet Rib Vest, Colour Affection, Clochette, Puerperium and Aviatrix, Stripy Cowl, 3 Pretty Washcloths, Watercourse, Snowflakes, Poppy Hat, Fractal Cowl, Button Up Your Cup, Wildflower Socks, Tiramisu, Fluffy Meringue Blanket, Feather and Fan Scarf, Tiramisu again, Sunnyside Lace, Snelle Annabelle, Granny Stripe Blanket, Camera Cozy, Tiramisu Again, Papoose, Snug, Hat Shaped Hat Again, Tiramisu for the fourth time, Roseberry, Binic, Isla, Zig-Zag Blanket, Milo & Jane Booties.

knit and crochet 2013


Sewing: 2 pairs of trousers, 4 t-shirts, 1 pair of overalls, a bonnet and 5 dresses for Hobbit; various small bags; the Great Getaway Bag; 1 top and 1 skirt for me; a new mei tai; a cloth highchair; two toys (better post about the doll to come as she’s fully clothed now).

sewing 2013


13 in 13 over 13 projects: Colour Affection, Baby Socks, Wicked Eyelet Vest, Temperance Socks, Olympic Forest Baby Blanket, Snelle Annabelle, Fractal Cowl, Basic Socks, Roseberry, Feather and Fan Scarf, Clochette, Wildflower Socks, Shetland and Silk Spinning.13in13over13


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