FO: Sunnyside for Hobbit

So I didn’t manage to finish it for Christmas but boxing day is close enough right? Hobbit is quite excited about the buttons though they’re nothing exciting. It’s a nice lightweight cardy which will hopefully fit her for a few months at least. The alpaca is super soft and a bit fuzzy.


Pattern: Sunnyside

Designer: Tanis Lavallee

Knitted for: Hobbit

Size: 18-24 months

Wool used (colourway): Drops Alpaca (Dark Purple) ~135g

Needle: 3.5mm

Any problems/changes: Still have a ball and a bit of yarn left to do something with. Fiddly start until I worked out which bit went between which markers. Planning to knit a smaller size (in a different colour) in the cable version for Squishy.

Ravelry Project Link: here



Filed under Hobbit, Knitting and Crochet

3 responses to “FO: Sunnyside for Hobbit

  1. So pretty – I love the colour!


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