WiPs and dishcloths

Watercourse is progressing steadily, I’ve made it through the body and am now working on the hood with the sleeves yet to come. It’s worked all in one piece so there won’t be much finishing at the end though I assume I have to sew the pocket linings to the body or the pockets aren’t going to be much use. I’m following the pattern as written and so haven’t read the finishing notes yet.

I’ve done a small amount of work on the cardigan I’m making for Hobbit (I’m hoping I’ll finish it by Christmas) but it’s the low priority project at the moment so it’s not going very fast. I’ve picked up my spinning again as I’m trying to get the Shetland/Silk spun by the end of the year for my 13in13over13 goals.

Sewing wise I’m working on grey cord dungarees for Hobbit, the fronts are pocketed and together with the bib so now I have to sort the straps (fiddly little hems) and then sew it all together before doing the buttonholes. I’ve decided to sew the inner leg seams rather than putting snaps on as I had a bunch of trouble getting them to stay snapped at the crotch on the denim size 1 ones and it’s not that much of a pain to take them off for changes.

I’ve actually finished a wee project this week too – 3 dishcloths to replace our ratty old ones. Just white cotton following the directions in this pattern. I’ve actually got a picture though I’m cheating as I made a set for a Christmas present and have a photo of those rather than ours. The weather today is not the best for taking photos.



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