FO: Two bags, a dress and a taggie blanket

I picked up some fabric over the weekend when I was in Glasgow picking up Squishy’s cot so I’ve a few projects planned (things for Hobbit to start with as she keeps growing), but I also did a couple of wee projects this week out of some scraps that were hanging around. I’ve cut out two dresses (and sewn one) and have fabric for cord dungarees and I think all the supplies to make her a doll for her birthday. I’ve fabric for two tops for me that I bought a while ago that I’m hoping to get sewn before Squishy arrives but they won’t be maternity tops so they’re on the back burner for the moment.

Using the scraps of oilcloth leftover from the Great Getaway Bag and zips I had floating around I’ve made a bag to act as a toiletries bag and a little wee pouch for hair ties or makeup or jewellery or things. The big one’s a good size for weekend toiletries (travel sized ones) and having a little one is good for the little things one doesn’t want floating around. (I suppose I could have done an internal pocket in the big one but having the little one separate is good too.)

Small pouches

Pattern: Open wide zippered pouch

Designer: Noodlehead

Sewn for: Me

Size: sized to the zips I had(cut fabric to zip width and desired depth then work as per tutorial).

Fabric: Oilcloth, calico and scraps of black leftovers from the Great Getaway Bag and Mei Tai

Thread: Gutermann 000 (black) & a couple of different creams

Any problems/changes: Would have preferred black zips but was working with what I had in the stash rather than buying any more.

Hearts Dress

Pattern: New Look 6016

Sewn for: Hobbit

Fabric: Light corduroy with heart print from Mandors

Size: 2 year

Thread: Gutermann 1 (cream)

Any problems/changes: Bias binding on the armholes went much better this time around. The buttons are slightly on the large side for the buttonholes (one anyway) so will need to see if I can lengthen them a little.

Rainbow Taggie Blanket

Hobbit is fond of naming her colours at the moment so I’ve made her a rainbow taggie blanket – probably to live in the nappy bag rather than at home.

Pattern: Taggie blanket

Sewn for: Hobbit

Fabric: Calico and 15mm wide ribbons and a plastic bag for the lining

Thread: Cream?

Any problems/changes: 25cm of each ribbon cut in two for the tags – 25cm was the shortest length I could buy but I could have probably made 3 tags out of that amount if I’d made them shorter. Having so many tags made it a little hard to turn as there wasn’t much space to leave a gap in the stitching.


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