Chugging along

The Great Getaway Bag and the Papoose are both chugging along. I’ve finished all the machine sewing on the bag and now I’m working on sewing the lining to the exterior (done by hand). It’s slow going as the oilcloth I’m making it out of is not the easiest to sew through plus it’s sewing the seam allowances together so a bit finicky. Still progress is being made (as long as I keep working at it that is!) I’m pretty pleased with how it all looks and hopefully it will work as a bag when it’s all together.

I’m 2/3rds or so through the Papoose. I’m working on the skirt of the bag (the basket stitch part) but I’ve already gone back and picked up the edgings and finished those so it’s just knitting until I run out of yarn now.

Still haven’t cast on Watercourse – been focussing on Papoose and getting Christmas presents sorted, as well as working on the bag. Hopefully next week.

I don’t have any up to date pictures or my WiPs so you’ll have to make do with this view out the window from last week.

Castle in the Clouds


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