Tis the season …

to make Christmas cake. Made my Christmas cake on Sunday – used the same recipe as last time and apart from struggling to stir the full mix as I should have used a bigger bowl it all went well. It’s wrapped in many layers of foil and cling film and hiding in the cupboard til Christmas (if I remember it’ll get extra doses of Brandy but I forgot last year and it didn’t seem to matter).

Christmas Cards

I’ve also been making Christmas cards whilst Hobbit has been scribbling with crayons and have enough made now to cover this Christmas. I think I try out a new technique most years – last year it was lots of embossing, this year it’s colouring in stamped images. I bought a couple of magazines a month or two ago with Christmas stamps as the free gift and have used those in my cards this year.

Flower cards

I’ve also started working on some images for birthday/baby/generic cards for the first few months of next year so that I don’t have to think about them with a newborn in the house. The drawings are not really my own (though the colouring is) – they come from various how to draw websites (I used similar for making glass ornaments last Christmas). It’s fun colouring them in – clearly I should look into some adult colouring in books. Some will get stamped sayings added to the image but some will stay plain. I’ve also some more specific cards to make – new baby and a special birthday – but I hope these will come in handy.



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