FO: A new mei tai

So I made a mei tai when Hobbit started getting to heavy for our Moby Wrap (and before we bought a stroller) but the straps were always a bit to short to do a easy back carry and there was no padding. Someone linked this pattern when they made one for their kids a few months ago and I decided to make a new one if I found the time. I’ve gathered all the supplies for the overnight bag I’m making but in the process picked up fabric for this and ended up get it cut out and finished in the last week whilst waiting for bag supplies to arrive (they’re all here now so that’s next on the sewing agenda).

I finished it yesterday and tested it out taking Hobbit down to take the bins out. She’s on the big side for it now but it was definitely more comfortable than the old one.

Mei Tai

Pattern: A fuller day’s tutorial

Sewn for: Squishy

Fabric: Minna (black) and Fredrika (patterned) both from Ikea plus fleece from a cut up blanket also from Ikea.

Thread: Gutermann 000 (black) & 800 (white)

Any problems/changes: Broke a lot of needles sewing the thick straps but made it in the end. Also had some trouble with sewing the body together around the straps so would consider doing tapered ends on the straps, making them a little thinner (probably just a slightly bigger seam allowance) or widening that section of the body pattern.





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4 responses to “FO: A new mei tai

  1. Lovely idea to make your own carrier – that print is gorgeous, I bet lots of people will ask you where you got it!


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