Stitch markers, earrings and project bags

Last time I was in Hobbycraft I picked up some beads. It surprising how many of the pick and mix beads you can fit in to one of their little tubs. I had plans for most of what I picked out though I grabbed a number of wooden buttons that don’t yet have plans but will come in handy next time I need a random button or two. Most of the beads have now been made into stitch markers and the others made into earrings (along with a couple of pairs from stash beads). I’ve now got a lovely bunch of new markers and earrings and am rather low on head pin and and jumprings. It was good to get out my pliers again (I haven’t for quite a while) and apart from demanding I draw her flower after flower after flower Hobbit was quite happy scribbling away next to me at the table. She’s very unhappy about not being up at the table but very pleased to be sitting on a big chair.

The stitch markers are made as sets with one marker in each being slightly different to use as a end of round marker (one is in a WiP already) and another with a clasp so it can be used as a locking stitch marker – something I use to mark end of rounds when I’m working on dpns. The earrings are all pretty simple but I liked the beads, some may end up being gifted as I don’t wear many earrings at the moment and have rather a large number already.

Stitch markers and earrings

I’ve also made a couple of new project bags. A medium sort of size as I found I was rather lacking in this area. They’re both made from Noodleheads tutorial in the medium size (though one is a little taller). One is in use already with the beginnings of the Binic Pullover in it.

Project bags

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