FO: Temperance Socks

Project 11 on my 13in13over13 list is finally complete. I started these back in August then got distracted by various other projects and finally finished them yesterday. I love the pattern and it was relatively easy to follow once I ‘d done a couple of repeats. I made a minor modification to the heel in order to have it fit mine better but otherwise worked to pattern.


Pattern: Temperance

Designer: Liz Abinante

Knitted for: Me

Wool used (colourway): King Cole Zig Zag (Ruby)

Size: M

Needle: 2.5mm

Any problems/changes: Worked the heel according to the large instructions (11 wrapped stitches on either side) in order to make it a bit deeper to fit my heel.

Ravelry Project Link: here



Filed under Knitting and Crochet

3 responses to “FO: Temperance Socks

  1. ooo pretty socks 🙂 love the colour xox


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