Making plans…

Now that Roseberry is finished I’ve been planning out what my next projects will be. I need to finish my Temperance socks for 13in13over13 so they’re going to be a priority. I’ve finished one of the two crochet baby blankets I’m making for other people (and the other one is started) but want get the other one out of the way soon. The Olympic Forest baby blanket has been neglected in favour of getting Roseberry done so still needs finishing. It’s at a complicated stage (varied cables and long rounds) so requires brain power so will probably be a bit slow but I hope to get it done by the end of October. I also want to get some more of the Shetland silk spun sooner rather than later.

Hobbit needs another winter hat as Clochette is too big for this winter. I’m planning on making Poppy out of some of my early handspun in cream with a red flower button on the side. That shouldn’t take too long to knit once I work out the gauge.

I’ve two balls of New Lanark Chunky leftover from Roseberry which should be just enough to knit a Snug cardigan in teeny tiny for Squishy. I made a Snug last time round but it was a bit on the big side for newborn (though apparently I didn’t record which size I made) and this baby is more likely to end up in the stroller (as we have one) than carried on every excursion.

When mum was here last month she bought some yarn and ended up with a ball of Rowan Wool Cotton 4ply by mistake (she wanted pure wool) and while one ball is not enough for a cardigan I’ve since picked up a second ball (though a different colour) and now have enough to make a striped version of Binic. This will be for Hobbit as there’s only one size in the pattern but she could do with another thinnish pullover anyway.

Sewing wise I’ve cut out (and sewn one pair) 4 pairs of footed trousers in two different sizes to make up for Squishy. Then I think I get to buy fabric and materials to make an overnight bag for me. I haven’t got one at all at the moment and will need one come January. I bought The Bag Making Bible a couple of months ago when I had a book voucher and am planning on making the Great Getaway Bag. There are other bags in the book that I’m interested in as well as a good amount of information on choosing fabrics, modifying patterns and making up bags. It’s likely to be quite an involved project so better to start sooner rather than later.

Lots of plans, lets see how much I can get done in October.

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