FO: Sew all the things

Okay not all the things, but I’ve put my sewing machine away twice this week and both times it’s lasted less than 24 hours before it was back on the table. In theory I can leave it out on the dining table but it does take up a fair amount of room and blocks the window a bit too so if I’ve not got immediate plans (or I’m not in the middle of something) I’ll put it away but it’s too heavy to lift up and down every time Hobbit lets me do a bit of sewing.

I’d been thinking I was needing to order fabric before I’d have something to sew but then remembered I’d wanted to make a pouch for the changing bag to hold wipes and things and while I was looking at dimensions for those (and looking out my zippers) I came across a pattern for a nappy holder which will come in handy when Squishy comes along (we use cloth normally but are likely to use disposables for Squishy until it grows enough to fit the one size covers we have). And then while fishing around in the drawer I found the abandoned fleece overalls from the beginning of the year. They’re sized for 12months and I was planning them to be for Hobbit but now they’ll be waiting on Squishy to grow. I had trouble convincing my machine to sew the fabric at all, couldn’t work out why and eventually the sank to the bottom of the pile. Today there was no trouble at all! Still no idea what the solution was but they’re sewn now.

And then on Friday I made Hobbit a dress (she completely ignored me for about an hour and a half so instead of just getting a bit done I completed the whole thing). It’s from fabric that my Mum found as a remnant when they were in Sweden recently. It’s not a colour I would have chosen (and she knows that) but the patterning is perfect. Hobbit has been fascinated by it as it sat on the drying rack and then hung around the living room waiting to be cut out. It has large pictures of various animals all over and one of Hobbit’s favourite things at the moment is to name and make noises of animals. She thinks it’s great. I’ve still got heaps of the fabric (it was 2.2m to start with) and I’ve made a wee drawstring bag out of some of it but have no idea what to do with the rest. I’m planning a couple more dresses from the same pattern too as it’s a nice simple one.

Zipped Pouch

Pattern: Zipped Pouch

Sewn for: Changing bag

Fabric: Coloured polka dots fat quarter, Tiny hand prints fat quarter, pale blue 8″ zip (leftover fabric from bonnet)

Size: Fabric was cut to 8″ x 8″ bag is approximately 7″ square

Thread: Gutermann 800 (white)

Any problems/changes: Was originally intended to be a bag like these but I failed at making the box corners correctly so it’s just a zipped pouch.

Nappy Pouch

Pattern: Diaper Pouch

Sewn for: Changing bag

Fabric: Black linen look cotton, scrap from patterned fat quarter

Thread: Gutermann 000 (black)

Any problems/changes: Didn’t have velcro on hand so modified to use elastic and a button, sewed the button on before sewing the exterior pieces together. Also didn’t have fusible fleece so basted some unfusible stuff on to exterior pieces before joining.

Fleece Overalls

Pattern: Fleece Overalls (Simplicity 5316)

Sewn for: Squishy

Fabric: Black fleece 300gsm

Size: 12 month

Thread: Gutermann 000 (black)

Any problems/changes: Skipped hemming the facing and topstitching the top as fabric was just too thick. Sewed the inner legs rather than applying snaps.

Animal Pinafore

Pattern: Dress New Look 6016, simple drawstring bag

Sewn for: Hobbit

Fabric: Animal print pink cotton remnant, pink bias binding and buttons

Size: 2 year

Thread: Gutermann 659 (pale pink)

Any problems/changes: Bias bound armholes are not the tidiest – I still need more practise



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