FO: Trousers and Chairseat


Pattern: Simplicity 2907

Sewn for: Hobbit

Fabric: Drill and Corduroy harvested from husbands worn out trousers

Size: 2

Thread: Gutermann 000 (black)

Any problems/changes: Trimmed an inch or so of length from the legs (Hobbit is short legged)

Notes: Size 16 needle


Chair Seat

Pattern: Chairseat

Sewn for: Hobbit & Squishy

Fabric: Calico (medium weight) and bias binding

Thread: Gutermann 800 (white), 391 (purple)

Any problems/changes: Trimmed the curves in cream bias binding and used purple polka dot for the straps – 5 metres was not enough to do both. Hemmed the pocket edge before sewing the pocket together. Folded the lower edge over twice and tucked the straps in before sewing, then sewed over the straps to keep them in place. Folded the bias binding straps in half and stitched.

Notes: Size 16 needle

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